These are the top ten, most listened to episodes of the Application Security Podcast for calendar year 2019.

  1. Elissa Shevinsky — Static Analysis early and often — Elissa Shevinsky is CEO at Faster Than Light. She’s had a storied career as an entrepreneur with Brave, Everyday Health, and Geekcorps. We discuss Elissa’s origin story, security startups, and the value of mentoring to her career. Then we get into Static Analysis and how we make security easier for people so that security gets done.
  2. Adam Shostack — Threat modeling layer 8 and conflict modeling — Adam Shostack is a leading expert on threat modeling, and a consultant, entrepreneur, technologist, author and game designer. He’s a member of the BlackHat Review Board and helped create the CVE and many other things. He currently helps many organizations improve their security via Shostack & Associates, and advises startups. Adam is known for his work with threat modeling. In this episode, we take threat modeling to a whole new level as we explore the idea of threat modeling layer 8 or human beings, and explore the concept of conflict modeling.
  3. Matt McGrath — Security coaches — Matt McGrath is an old school Java developer that made the transition into security. Matt has had success in rolling out a programmatic approach to security improvement called security coaching. A security coach is much more than a wellness or life coach for your developers. They have some commonalities, but the security coach is thinking about how you help the developer want to get better at security. In his experience, developers are not going to kick and scream away from security but will embrace it when asked. The job description for a good coach does not require a development background. The biggest thing you need is a passion for security. Communication is one of the most important things for a coach to have as well, and technical skills do not hurt.
  4. Caroline Wong — Self-care and self-aware for security people — Caroline Wong has had a long career in security, starting with eBay and leading to her role today at Cobalt.IO as Chief Strategist. Caroline shares her explanation of self-care and tells her story about how neglecting self-care led to problems. She offers ideas about how to better approach self-care as a security professional, work-life balance, and ways of approaching a successful career in security.
  5. Björn Kimminich — The new JuiceShop — Björn Kimminich is the project leader for OWASP JuiceShop. This is his second visit to the podcast, and we discuss new features in JuiceShop, including XSS in jingle promo video, marketing campaign coupon hacking, GDPR related features and challenges, working 2FA with TOTP, and the DLP failure challenges. Then we get into the cool new things that will come as a result of the GSoC, where a developer will add new functionality to the JS where new vulns can be hidden. We end discussing the upcoming Open Security Summit from OWASP.
  6. Rapid Threat Model Prototyping Process — Chris and Robert are joined by Geoff Hill to talk about Rapid Threat Model Prototyping Process.
  7. Tommy Ross — The BSA Framework for Secure Software — Tommy Ross serves as Senior Director, Policy with BSA | The Software Alliance. In this role, he works with BSA members to develop and advance global policy positions on a range of key issues, with a focus on cybersecurity, privacy, and market access barriers. Tommy is one of the coordinators/collaborators on the BSA Framework for Secure Software. This document caught our attention when it came out a few months ago, as it is a reliable representation of all the pieces an organization needs for software security. Tommy shares with us some of the background stories on how this document came to be, and also walks through the various pieces contained within.
  8. Ronnie Flathers — Security programs big and small — Ronnie Flathers is a security guy, a pentester, and a researcher. In this conversation, we explore his experiences in building application security programs. He’s had the opportunity to program build inside of companies big and small.
  9. Zoe Braiterman — AI, ML, AppSec, and a dose of data protection — Zoe Braiterman is an Innovation Intelligence Strategist focused on both the Machine and Human and also the OWASP WIA Chair. We explore the intersection of application security with artificial intelligence and machine learning and end up discussing data protection. Zoe approaches AppSec from a different angle, and her perspectives get us thinking about the importance of appsec in the future of autonomous everything.
  10. Nancy Gariché and Tanya Janca — DevSlop, the movement — Nancy Gariché and Tanya Janca are two of the project leaders for the OWASP DevSlop Project. As we learn more about DevSlop, we realize that it is much more than a project: it’s a movement. DevSlop is about the learning and sharing of four awesome women and is a platform for them to share what they’ve learned with the community.